The New Year Already Hates Me

I started my New Year’s Day with a sinus infection and children fighting non-stop. I get it, they have all been stuck in the house or car for the last two weeks and are sick and tired of each other, but here’s the thing- I am also sick and tired of them!! Oh, the whiny voices and name calling, I need a moment of solitude. I try to refocus, I get out my new fancy coffee cup that reads: Hot Stuff. For a moment this seems to work, but then due children who run and jump, my coffee end ups all over my bed sheets. These are the bed sheets I just changed because the previous ones had been vomited on. Yes, it seems the New Year and I aren’t off to a good start. I hope, in this case, first impressions aren’t correct. My 1-yr-old reaches up to me with green hands, snot running out of his nose, and green hair. After cleaning him up I go in search of this green only to discover that we now have a green ottoman in the exact same shade as his hair. It seems as though this day isn’t going to turn around. My 6-year-old received a Wii controller and it just isn’t syncing, this leads to tears,screams, and name calling. People are being called Butt Cheeks, Toot Face, Stupid, Ignorant, and I throw in a few myself for good measure. Not much time passes, and I notice the living room floor is covered in tiny ground up pieces of chips, candy wrappers, and spilled juice. After cleaning all of this mess up I need a rest. I sit on the couch, but this is really just an invitation for all my kids to need something from me, but not all at once so I can just get over with- no that would be too easy. The moment my butt hits the couch another kid needs something and with 5 kids this is getting tiring. I begin to that that surely at some point having a whole gang of children must have seemed like a good idea, but I can’t remember when that point was. I would love to just sit in silence. I would love nothing more than to sit on the couch or in my bed and hear nothing, not be needed, and drink in the silence. I am overwhelmed by touch, sound, and expectation. The job of mother is never done, and I am on duty to dole out antibiotics, wipe butts and noses. As I am in no fit state to make dinner we order Chinese. I open my fortune cookie and it tells me the current year will bring me much happiness. I wonder if this fortune cookie is mocking me.

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