First 3 days of exercising (hell)


It has been two years since I was ‘in shape’. I used to be a regular attendee to Zumba class, and then we moved and then lots of excuses, and I wasn’t. Now I am bravely rejoining the world of exercise classes.

Day 1

Zumba. This is what I used to do before, I knew most of the moves, I was used to the beat and tempo, so I figured this is the one I would check off my list first. I walk in ready to face this new adventure. At first it is going well, I am starting to remember how this exercise thing works, I have got this, no problem! I glance at the clock- hmm I have only been in class for 15 minutes. It’s ok I have got this. Is it normal for me to totally forget my left from my right, shortness of breath, splotchy cheeks??? In the end I make it. I survive the most cardiovascular intense activity I have done in 2 years!  I then go home, sit on the couch the rest of the day and order pizza for dinner because I am too tired to move. I think I am off to a good start.

Day 2

This class is called Ab Blast and it is only 30 minutes. So no sweat. How hard can 30 minutes be? Getting ready to walk out door and baby starts to cry, it is sort of rainy outside. Hmm…I should just not go. I really want to watch Sherlock. I am dressed for it though, but well, lately I am always dressed for it I mean leggings-am I right? Ok. Let’s do this. Today I have 3 kids in tow that I drop off at babysitting. I walk in, stretch, feel pretty confident. There are a variety of ages, plus a couple older men, this can’t be too bad. Our instructor walks in and immediately has us doing full body sit-ups, planks, arms high partial sit-ups, flutter kicks, leg raises, superman, mountain climbers, and I don’t even know what else. I think I black out. When I decide to look at the clock it has been 10 minutes! I shit you not- only 10 minutes! Wow. I think I know what hell is like. My abs have always been my weakest part, and I have a ton of kids which hasn’t exactly helped it. I was struggling, for real struggling with the full body sit ups. After the instructor watched me a couple times he came over and told me he would let me cheat like he does for *them. At *them he points over to the oldest people in the room. Nice. Not going lie that hurt my self-confidence and self-esteem. Well, at least I get to cheat and that does actually help. He has to come over a couple more times to show me how to do a few of the exercises, but I live, even if barely, to come back another day. As I am walking out of them gym he catches up to tell me to keep going and I did a good job. He must have smelled the defeat.

Day 3

I was going to try a bunch of the different classes and pick my favorites, and I may still, but I for now I at least feel compete in Zumba so I go again. It is a different instructor, some of the same people I have been seeing, one older lady who must be in killer shape because she is rocking all these classes. Maybe when I grow up I can be like her. I do alright until like half way then I just run out of energy, get a bit lost in songs and movements I am not too familiar with and I feel myself getting frustrated because I used to be able to do this quite well. Of course, that was a couple of years ago. Then a song I remember from way back comes on and my body seems to remember so at least I go out on a high note. At the end of class she pulls everyone together to say she is going to change the class to one called STRONG by Zumba which will be more intense and more hardcore. Great. Just when I am trying to get back in shape, the universe decides to kill me.

My muscles hurt so bad, I can’t get out of bed or off the couch unless I either have help from a kid or my husband. Sometimes I pull out moves I used to do when I was third trimester pregnant.These are sad sad days. I have also modified my diet a bit. Like no Doritos or Lays at lunch only cashews. My bread is now multigrain goodness, and no tiny pieces of chocolate at night or after lunch. I have yogurt and granola. Plus, I am replacing some of my cokes with plain iced tea. However, I am still enjoying my wine or beer at night. I mean really you can’t ask me to give up all the goodness in the world. Especially not when I am trying to survive 5 kids and exercising. 

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