Sensational Saturdays


Saturdays = Elementary Basketball Games! Not sure about you, but we have been spending our Saturdays watching the kids play basketball. For the kids actually playing, this is a lot of fun, for the siblings, not so fun. Our little 3-year-old decided that the best way for her to make the time pass was to bring a snack. I think that this is a great way to combine food and fashion. Wish it had been my idea.


On the walk home from these games we pass by our block’s Take a Book Leave Book Library. This library has books that you are free to take home with you, and if you have a book you have finished you can drop it off so someone else has the chance to enjoy. I love this idea. My kids take a peek every time they pass.


I am guessing today they found a few good reads because when I slowly ambled up the driveway behind them they were already sitting on the porch enjoying their finds.


Love the way the kids find ways to make every day activities fun!

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