Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day started off a bit rough. I think there is so much expectation built up that it just over flows into crap. Just my opinion. The kids woke up and immediately started going after each other. I tell them it’s Valentine’s Day so on this day, of all days, they should love each other. Instead my oldest starts calling the middle stupid, moron, and half-brain, this is because that middle child received candy at his Pre-K party, and that reason alone makes it acceptable. That morning my son had to be at school early for this thing called Mindful Mornings. The school takes kids who have ‘lots of energy’ and before school twice a week they teach them calming techniques and exercises. Well, we were already late because of normal kid stuff like where are my shoes, when my son starts freaking out because he doesn’t know where his Valentine cards are. I ask, Are they in your backpack? He tells me they are obviously not, so I go upstairs to scour his room and a couple minutes later he yells, They are in my backpack! Maybe his school can provide Mindful Mornings for how to get out the door without stressing everyone.

For lunch I take the kids who have the wonderful fortune to stay with me to McDonalds, and my Pre-K child lifts the bun, looks hard, and proclaims: There are no worms on this one! I can eat it. I am glad that was the one requirement. I am glad McDonalds passed, and if in the future they fail, I am going to be sending in one disgruntled 5-year-old.

 Robert has been watching Meg get potty trained over the past few weeks and occasionally he will ask to sit on the potty. So fine I let him because really this isn’t a big deal. However, he has developed a thing about poop staying in his diaper for longer than 5 seconds. If I don’t know about it or am not quick enough he takes off his pants and his poopy diaper and throws it on the floor. I feel like this is sort of a deal breaker. I wonder if he thinks poop is a great Valentine’s Day gift?

That was sort of my Valentine’s Day for most of the day. But then my husband came home with groceries and wine for dinner, he cooked(only in an apron), and it was fabulous. I think that alone makes up for the rest of the day. Good food, good wine, and a good view.


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