Brown to Blond and Cops In Between


A few months back I bought a box and dyed my hair brown. I don’t normally box dye my hair, but I have before and figured why not? It turned out fine. However, my happy hair color is blond. So with sunny days and better weather coming our way, I decided to start the process of professionally having it turned back to blond. It will take a few trips spaced out over a few months to get it the blond I like while maintaining my hair’s integrity, but I am on my way.

The appointment was going to be 2.5 hours long so I brought a book, my phone, and a method to pay. Armed with these necessities I walked into the salon. I chatted about the crazy weather, going downtown, food, and then it was time for me to sit and let that color process. I started reading my book, and then I noticed my method to pay was gone! Like gone! I get down on hands and knees and crawl around the salon. I stand up and take the cushion off the seat. I had someone go check by the station where I had been sitting. Nothing. Oh my! I asked if I could go walk up and down the street, but sadly this might not make my hair do what it’s supposed to do. Kindly though, the receptionist offered and went looking up and down the street. She came back empty handed. Oh, woe is me. Now I have to figure out how to pay and cancel my card which is all kinds of suck. Nothing more to do I open my book and begin to read. 5 minutes later I see my husband stroll into the salon, open his wallet, and hand my card! I am amazed. How did he even find that? How did he get to the salon?

It turns out that my card was turned into the fire station. The fire station called the police, the police looked up my information, and drove it to our house. What?! I am all kinds of in love with our town now. The fact that someone turned it in and didn’t swipe it is amazing! The fact that the fire station and police tag teamed to find me and got my card to my husband in like an hour’s time is impressive. Then my lovely husband, who was already staying at home with the kids and no car, ran  (and he really did because he was super sweaty and red faced) to the salon to get my card to me so I could pay for this blond adventure is astounding! *The kids were napping, the oldest was on guard duty, and we live like a mile or less from salon- so don’t fret about that. So if I was feeling bad about the state of our country or people this revived my spirit.

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