Embarking on a Dance Class Adventure

My daughter turned 3 a few weeks back so it was time to start potty training. To motivate her I talked about all sorts of things like stickers, candy, preschool next year, and dance class. In the end it turns out she was a big fan of candy and dance class. I knew candy would be a winner, the girl has a massive sweet tooth, but dance I wasn’t so sure. She has 4 brothers and none of them do dance, she doesn’t know anyone who does dance, and I figured we would just sign her up for soccer and softball and let her be a little athlete. I didn’t have dance on the radar. However, as kids do, she has forged her own unique path separate from what I had planned. She does love soccer and plays it with her brothers all the time, but she also loves to dance. She jumps, shakes, gallops, twirls, hops, leaps, and twists all the time. She will kick the soccer ball while wearing a sparkly skirt, she is very much her own person. Her brothers do soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis so she knows about classes and practices, in the end she figured out there existed such a thing as dance class, and she started talking about it, a lot. This is how it became one of the things I listed as an incentive to using the potty. She took the bait right away.  The deal was if you use the potty for a month during the day and no accidents then dance class. That girl knocked it right out of the ball park and so today she started dance class. I quit my dance class when I found out I had to do a recital in front of everyone, I get stage fright pretty badly, so this is a whole new world for me. We had to get ballet shoes, in a bag of hand me downs we found what passed as a dance skirt and then we just threw a black shirt over top. It was windy so she put on leggings. She looked fine, she didn’t care about the outfit she just wanted to dance, but these other girls had leotards, tights, tight buns, and looked ready to go. We looked fine, but not quite so put together- I have a lot to learn. I sat in the hall and watched from a tv screen, and she was so nervous you could tell. She stood there just watching, unsure what to do, almost as if this was too good to be true and she didn’t want to mess it up. By the end she was starting to move around, but then class was over. To hear her talk about it though, it was the best day of her life with the leaping, spinning, hopping, the friends, and the songs. Plus, she got a sticker on the way out. Bonus. I guess it was a success- she is now potty trained and taking dance class. We both got what we wanted. Now I just need to motivate my 2-year-old to stop taking his poopy diapers off and throwing them on the floor as soon as they happen.


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