I need some Monday Motivation


I woke up today because my 5yo decided at 6:30am he was hungry. It wasn’t a simple kid coming into your room kindly asking that you make him breakfast, no it was a kid on the other side of the house, screaming and yelling with some crying thrown in for good measure, demanding that I make him breakfast. After ignoring this for 5 minutes and it not stopping I did what any sane mother would do I told him to shut the hell up and go back to bed. Too bad though because everyone in this house was now awake, I was grumpy as fuck, and they all wanted stuff. Thank you 5yo.

I wish I could say things got better, but they didn’t. The same 5yo poured himself a glass of milk, which is awesome, but half of the gallon ended up on the floor. I had make coffee because there was none, by the time I got around to it, cold. What?! Fine. More whining, more crying, more demanding things. I sort of lost it  because it was only 7:30am at this point. I am pretty sure I yelled, “When did you decide you were in charge around here? Last I checked I am the one that pushed you out of MY vagina so that makes me the person in charge.” I got some looks.

Luckily, today is my exercise day because I needed to sweat out these early morning demons. I felt totally recharged, invigorated, and ready to be nice to all my kids. Working out really is like a miracle drug. This lasted until I heard multiple kids whine about how they want electronics right now! Where is the iPad? Where is the laptop? They are also hungry, which is a valid point because we don’t really have any food, but the catch is that my husband took my bank card because someone stole his information and he has to go to the bank in person to request a new one. I open some pretzels and hummus and tell them they are just going to have to deal. In the end though I decided to be nice and order a pizza. Dinner will be a different story, but cheese quesadillas are looking pretty promising right now. I am also guessing my alone time this evening will be a trip to the grocery store.

People, it is like 45, misty, dreary, it is only 12:30, and I am great need of wine and a nap. This Spring Break is gonna suck! Not making a trip to Kentucky this year seems like a pretty bad idea at this point. I ordered some yard games like Kan Jam and ladder golf, but I am not sure the weather is going to cooperate. It looks like this afternoon is going to be a movie fest. I hope they actually sit still and pay attention. Pray for me please- it is going to be a long week.

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