Shower Musings

I was in the shower and my mind started to just wander, as I assume happens to everyone, and it began to wander in the direction of the tooth fairy. My 5yo did just lose his first tooth so it is on my mind. He happened to swallow it, we assume, and is very concerned about the whole not putting a tooth under the pillow thing. I don’t think he is worried about the money because his older brothers assured him they have also not put teeth under the pillow but have had money in the morning. I believe he just wanted to do the traditional thing of tooth under pillow = money.  This led me to thinking about how different these kids are. My 7yo has this tooth fairy thing figured out. He tried to tell the 5yo about it, but I shut that down real quick. You can’t ruin a kid’s first time with the tooth fairy. He has expressed doubts about Santa and the Easter Bunny as well. Contrast that with his 10yo brother who believes everything. He will shut you down if he hears any doubt expressed about the reality of these beings. He loves to believe. He wants to hold on to that childlike innocence and have faith it exists. Even if he knew the truth he would still say he believed and part of him still would.

I played a lot of games with the kids today. I don’t know that it was all sunshine and roses but I did it. While drinking my multitude of morning beverages, coffee and coke, I played UNO. I not only played 1 game of UNO I played 10 games of UNO. As a person who hates the morning and really needs a good 2 hours to become sociable this was a miracle. Then I was asked to assemble the ladder golf game I bought for us to enjoy over Spring Break. Not a big deal because I was planning on doing today anyway, but not at 10:30am. My prime getting stuff done time is really a small window between 1-3. I can maybe start at 11:30 if the morning goes well. However, I did it. I then ended up playing many many games of ladder golf and a handful of Kan Jam. I have had a good time and am really glad my kids want to play with me, but I sorta thought they would play with each other. It turns out getting Mom to play is the big win. I played more games than all of them because often times I had to do it in turns.

I am in the shower still thinking about all this stuff, and how I still haven’t made it to the store because I don’t really want to take all or most of these kids to the store. Which leads me to think about this dream I had the other night about Kroger. We don’t even have a Kroger here, but in my dream my mother-in-law told me one was coming so I decided we shouldn’t move because I love great meat at low prices. I mean what is that about? We aren’t even planning on moving. Though, I really do miss Kroger, so if we got one I would be thrilled.

It was around this time I figured I should get out of the shower and finish watching Community with the 10yo and the husband. I also thought I should tell my brother-in-law we are watching it because he loves that show, but I think he isn’t on Facebook at the moment, so I am at a total loss how I can tell him. It isn’t until, well now, that I realize I can text him. Duh.






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