20 Reasons Mom Needs All That Wine


Yesterday I went to the grocery store. Usually, when I go my kids get real interested in going through the pantry and eating everything I bought in about 15 minutes. This time however they opened the refrigerator and just stared, then looked at me, and then turned their heads back to the refrigerator. This staring was followed by, ” Mom, why did you buy this huge box?” You see I bought, for the first time I might add, Bota Box Chardonnay. Normally, I buy mostly beer and if I find wine on sale or if I just am really wanting a certain wine I purchase it. Well, in an effort to try to save money I figured I would try Bota Box. All mom’s know that it isn’t always about sitting around sipping and swirling the wine, sometimes you just need to take that stuff down. So I tell them it is wine, and they say, “Mom, that is a lot of wine. That is like a barrel of wine. Why do you need that much wine?” Hahaha. Why indeed? Hmm.


2. Fighting, yelling, and one-upmanship

3. I like it

4. Dealing with kids all day leaves me tense

5. Dad will be on the late train

6. Poop, vomit, boys missing the toilet when they pee

7. Never a clean house 

8. I have to make all the meals for all the people

9. I made all the meals for all the people, no one wants my meals, and 10 minutes after I put it all away you want cereal

10. Spills and stains on everything

11. Whining

12. I have to drive you all over town and watch practices and games no matter the weather

13. Shoes. Where the hell did all the shoes go?

14. Listening to you talk for 20 minutes about mine craft and mine craft you tubers,

15.I said I needed to go to the bathroom and it became a party

16. 10 minutes after I put you upstairs for bed you need water or you will die

17. Your sister got bored so she woke up your brother who just went down for a nap,

18. There are fewer carbs in wine, and I am trying to lose weight

19. Laundry for a family of 7

20. In the span of just a couple hours I have been told: I hate you, You hate me, This isn’t fair, I never get to do anything, No one loves me, Whatever, and It is your fault


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