A Mom without a Mom

I am always so thrilled to have my writing shared at Her View From Home. Sometimes it is easier to write about things, which is why I often use writing as a form of therapy. This piece was hard to share, but I am glad that I did.

She taught me that women can do it all. Women, more often than not, suck it up and just deal. She was my best friend. I trusted her with everything, all my crazy.

Then she died. I felt betrayed for awhile. She picked cigarettes over us. Even when she was dying she picked them. So see, I knew she could be weak too. I knew she had vices she wished she didn’t have.


One thought on “A Mom without a Mom

  1. My mom passed away when I was in my early 20s … years before I met my husband and had kids. It is hard to mother without one of your own. I wish I would have been able to know my mom as an adult.


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