Shocking Revelation: I locked my kids in the car

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you went right instead of left? Today I was going to go to the grocery store, but my daughter was begging to use the bathroom. Target’s bathrooms are better than the grocery store so instead of turning right at the light I turned left. Once using the facilities we wandered around, as people do inside of Target. I bought each kid a shirt because they were just so cute how could I not. Then we went over for the bread, milk, and goldfish- the real reasons we were there. By the time we make it out to the car the kids are a bit crazy. I decided first things first I will buckle them in their car seats and then load up the groceries. Once in the car they make a dash to the driver’s seat and begin pushing all the buttons. So I drop my purse and drop my keys to better grab these tiny children and get them restrained. Success! Now time to close the doors and open the back so we can get out of here. Only one little problem. I mean tiny. The doors won’t open. Not even a little. A quick glance in the front shows my keys and my purse are right there. I bang on the window and try to get my 3-year-old to unbuckle her 5-point-harness carseat. Yeah, that isn’t happening. She does try but to no avail. Not really sure what to do because I can’t call AAA with my phone locked in the car, I go back into Target. There are a lot of people in line at customer service and for real, I ponder standing in line to wait my turn, I am such a rule follower. However, knowing that is ridiculous I just go up front and loudly blurt out: My kids are locked in my car along with my keys and purse and phone and I don’t know what to do. People just sorta stare. One man says: Well, can’t your kids just open the door for you? Aren’t your windows cracked? In my head I think: No, my windows aren’t cracked. It is drizzly and 55 outside! My kids are in their carseats and the oldest is 3. I promise I wouldn’t have come in here if it were that easy. Then a different man, an employee, says he will grab his cell phone and call 911 for me. So he walks out to my car, calls the police, and says he will wait by the entry to make sure they can find me.
In the meantime, I just keep walking back and forth to the opposite sides of the car so each kid knows I am there. I make funny noises, I play Where’s Mommy?, and tell them they are so awesome. One mom comes over and tells me it is ok, that it isn’t hot, they aren’t crying, and with kids it is always something. I thank her. Other moms stare, some with wide mouths and others with concern. 15 minutes later ( I am guessing my phone was in my car and that is how I tell time) the police arrive. The first officer checks my license plate and my name and all that. The second arrives just behind her and together they get out their door opening kit and try to open my door. It takes about 5 minutes. My kids are totally enthralled by this and any crying or whining is now met with complete silence. Once it is unlocked I just can’t stop saying thank you. I tell my kids they are amazing. I hug and kiss them. My heart is now racing even though before I wasn’t really all that anxious. The police give my kids a sticker which is the best thing ever. Then off they go.
Thanks Villa Park Police!!
I figure after all that drama we need to celebrate with some McDonalds. So off we go to get sausage biscuits and chocolate milk. We eat inside- a rare treat for my kids. Now McDonalds has changed a bit since last time I ate inside. The kids got balloons. Which is great because after being locked in the car for 30 minutes what better way to celebrate than with stickers and balloons. Wow. What a day.

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