We went on a walk. A walk around the pond. A walk that is just shy of a mile. Who knew that this simple walk would open up a world of discovery? Also, who knew this walk would take over an hour? Surely not me.

IMG_7828.jpgWe started by finding an old tree stump, and what good is an old tree stump? Why, it is a stage for funny faces. It is clear as day, and how I could have ever seen it any other way is beyond me.


Sadly, we learned that things live and they die. Even cute furry woodland creatures. We also surmised that it wasn’t unlikely that our inside/outside hunter cat could have very well been the attacker.


We stopped at the playground, swung on the swing, went down the slide, but in the end the best thing to do was run and hide.

IMG_7840.jpgWhen it was time to go and continue on our way the thing to do was watch other people play.

IMG_7843.jpgEven though we saw death we saw where life starts too. A nest in a tree glory be who knew a walk could be so fun.

IMG_7847.jpgRocks and cement blocks leading up to a school what good are those unless you know how to pose!

IMG_7851.jpgWe almost missed this guy, he was hard to see, but we had luck on our side that day and we found the duck.

IMG_7856.jpgSometimes the road is long and the journey takes longer than we expected. There is no shame in sitting down and taking a rest before you get up and start again.

IMG_7873.jpgWe were almost done, tears were on the way, and the only thing we could thing of to do was to stop and play.IMG_7864.jpgThen sit for a moment and take in the view. To pause and say thank you. Thank you for this life we lead, thanks for the rocks and trees, thank you for ponds and family, and thanks for this little rest.

IMG_7877.jpgThen one last thing before we were on our way- rocks in water what more is there to say.

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