Texts I Didn’t Send

Today marked the first day, of many in the weeks and months to come, where Pete is traveling all week for work while I am home tending the kids. We communicate mostly by text. I feel like most of our conversations happen by texting throughout the day, so much so, that when he gets home sometimes I have no clue what to say. However, with him being in meetings all day and my not wanting to disturb him I decided I would write down the texts instead of sending them directly to him. I wouldn’t want him to be deep into some meeting about numbers and all that math stuff when he feels his phone vibrate with a text reading- Oh my god, Robert just peed all over the floor and laughed as he opened the patio door to go outside naked. Super interesting I am sure, but is it interrupt a meeting good? Not so sure.

So here are just a few of the messages I wrote down but did not send.

I love being guilted into playing Barbie only to be told I am doing it wrong the whole time. 

You know how I liked to dance around and do squats while I unload the dishwasher and make zucchini bread? Well, as I was getting low, my knee let me know it was no better with a sharp twinge. Sorry, guess I won’t be popping my booty for a couple weeks more.

I am upstairs wiping down the boys’ bathroom door and walls when I realize there is brown stuff on the wall that I am really having to scrub, like use my fingernails scrub. It dawns on me that this is probably snot or poop. Has my life really come to this?

I saw a headline that read- Jennifer Garner Looks Somber as She Runs Errands. Haha. That is newsworthy? Here is a headline- Mom of 5 looks like she will cut a mother* as she runs errands.

So your son threw a piece of bacon at me because I was dabbing while making eggs. Apparently, that is not a thing. Well, I hate to tell him, but I just made it a thing. Hmmm. Maybe dab squats should be a thing. Thoughts?

Those are a few insights into my life, and rather interesting things I tell my husband throughout the day. I know he must have been ever so sad to miss out, but now he can read them all at once.



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