A Little Madness Goes a Long Way



Last night was Open House at my kids’ school. My husband and I dragged our kids to this cramped hot melee while listening to a combination of whines and eagerness. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to go see their classrooms, look at their work, and see the smiles on their faces as they share what they do all day. I am just never fully prepared for all the papers and projects I have to carry throughout the school. I am never excited to chase the younger kids who think this is an opportunity to play extreme hide and seek. I dread the thought that I will be pulled aside to discuss the oldest child’s behavior, while dealing with all the chaos surrounding me. For an introvert Open House is a bit of a nightmare. In a lovely turn of events my kids who actually attend the school were very well-behaved. It was my daughter who had a massive breakdown while visiting the book fair. It got to the point where she and I had to leave. We walked home. I had 3 kids worth of stuff under one arm and my daughter in the other. She made it very clear that she wanted to stay, she wanted her Daddy, and she did not want me. I held my head high, looked straight ahead, and did not engage with the screaming tyrant. Though I imagine we must have looked like quite the sight. Girl, red in the face screaming her heart out, and Mom, carrying a crap ton of projects and a 4-year-old. We made it home only have her brothers race up carrying the book which started the whole thing. I made a stand, she threw a fit, and in the end she got the book. Hmm. That doesn’t sound right.

Later that evening, after I was already worn out and exhausted, I had to put the kids to bed. Being a mom is a lot of work. It doesn’t help that we are trying to convince the younger two kids to sleep in their own room. They prefer sleeping in bed with me. However, I am a little bit tired of it at this point. They are 3 and 4. Lately they start upstairs in their beds. They don’t really fall asleep well together though. They tend to get each other in trouble. Most nights they end up in my bed as a way to stop the playing. Last night after being too rowdy I put them in my bed. I closed the door and sat on the couch. When I went to get ready for bed myself, just an hour later, the bathroom was covered in water and wet toilet paper. The door to my bedroom was open and even though it was dark I saw that the carpet was wet. Upon further investigation the carpet wasn’t just a little wet, it was sopping. Like puddles of water because the carpet had already soaked up as much as it could, but the kids didn’t care and just kept pouring water over and over again. There were two water bottles and two plastic cups on the ground, which were obviously used to make a pool in my bedroom. The kids were hiding under the covers laughing!!! I couldn’t speak. Well, I did keep saying, “What? What? What?” over and over again causing my husband to come back and see what happened. We had the windows open, fans on, used towel after towel and to try and rid my bedroom of the water feature. This morning it is still wet in some parts.

Some days I look at my kids and thank God for the wonderful blessings in my life. Other days I wonder what the hell I was thinking having kids. I will say that I am glad for my crazy minions, but I am also glad that I decided to have my tubes tied.

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