What My Daughter Saw


IMG_3177 2.jpg


I looked out the window and what did I see? A yard full of dandelions, nothing but weeds. I must drive to the gas station, fill up the mower, and make time during the day to mow them away.

My daughter looked out the window and what did she see? A yard full of bright yellow flowers, now it is spring. She ran out and picked them, put them in a vase, and proudly exclaimed, “These beautiful flowers are for you!”

I saw errands to run, chores to be done, and day full of sweat as I mowed them away. My daughter saw tank tops, shorts, and fun. Flowers for mom and everyone.

She heard my sigh and mumbling words, and she began to cry. “Mom, please don’t get rid of the flowers. They are so pretty. I picked them for you. I thought you wanted it to be Spring. I thought you wanted flowers. Why will you mow them away?”

I looked at her and remembered a time, way back in my mind, when I thought they were flowers too. Not today, I won’t mow them away. We will put down a blanket, have a picnic, enjoy the birds singing, the warm weather, and flowers. We will be happy the sun is shining. We will celebrate the Spring by rolling in the dandelions.


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