The Gall of That Kid

So I am outside shoveling the 7 inches of snow that accumulated overnight, and of course, I didn’t bring my headphones, so I can hear the tap tap tap from the window. I look up and the face of my lovely 7 yo is staring at me. I smile and continue to move large mounds of snow. It also happens that this must have been a really heavy snow because there are branches down everywhere, and the tree next to my car has branches frozen and weighed down to the top of my car. This means I am also hitting trees with brooms and cutting away branches. Still, I hear this tap tap tap. Looking up I see my lovely 7 yo is staring at me. So this time I up it to a smile and a wave. I quickly get back to my work because there is a driveway full of heavy white powder before me and a car hiding underneath a small mountain of snow. It is cold. I have on a hat plus fuzzy earmuffs. I am out here alone while my kids enjoy the warmth of the house and the entertainment of the television. Still there is a tap tap tap. I decide the time has come to ignore this 7 yo. It seems he does not like this approach so he ventures out to the front porch. I look up and wait for him to tell me some deep revelation he had about religion or science or anything really. After all he has been tapping at the window for 20 minutes. No. He says, “ Have you found the charger for my Kindle yet?”

My mouth must have dropped to the floor because I had to pick it up off the ground to respond, “Does it really look like I give a flying flip about your charger? It is the last thing I care about.” He must have sensed he crossed the line into dangerous territory because he quietly backed his way into the house to tap tap tap no more.

The sheer obliviousness amazed me. The audacity to wander outside while I was battling nature simply to ask for a charger astounded me. Yet here we were. He is lucky I didn’t bury him in the snow right then. I am already plotting ahead to the next snow. I will have him shovel the drive while I tap tap tap the window and ask him if he has gotten around to making my vodka soda.

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