May Madness

I have displayed a picture of my 12-year-old’s shoe. It is a symbol of the current state of affairs in this house. It is May. Thank goodness because in April it snowed twice. Though May isn’t really starting off well, we haven’t seen the sun in a week and there are flash floods. Woot- Go Spring! While there is a hope of seeing the sun soon, there isn’t much of a hope that the chaos in this house will subside anytime soon.

My kitchen counters and table were recently covered with end of the year projects. Big things that took more than a day to complete. Things that just sat on the counter. The dog ate part of one and we had to fix it. Thank goodness they are at school now. I don’t have to worry about them at all. Except that my 12-year-old came home devastated because his was too top heavy and fell off the display table at school and broke into pieces before the open house. We decided to just skip open house after that. No need to see the broken project in a school when I had seen the whole project on my kitchen counter.

I don’t mind packing lunches, but at the same time my lunches are never amazing. I keep it at a steady level of dull all year. This way there are no expectations and there is no tapering off at the end of the year. Though sometimes I get tired of the monotony so I tell them they get to play a game called- pack your own damn lunch. I don’t supervise or watch. I have no idea what goes in their lunches on those days—I don’t care.

I am a bit tired of checking folders and signing things. So sometimes I don’t. I liked to mix things up. My 9-year-old is a bit concerned about my slacking. He came up to me with a handful of papers and said, “Mom, why aren’t you checking my folder anymore?” I guess since there are end of the year field trip papers I need to sign. I should probably be a little more dutiful in that area.

Spring brings spring sports. That means practices and games and driving. Always driving. I love soccer. I love that my kids play soccer. I am glad that they are able to practice so much. I love that it means less time on electronics and less time with me having to directly parent them and play referee. I don’t love dinner and sports. I might start off with grandiose plans of meal planning or crockpot using. Instead, we get hot dogs, cereal, chicken nuggets, and maybe one good meal that I keep bringing up as a leftover option. My 4-year-old just carries around a jumbo container of cheese balls as his dinner. Whatever.

In this monsoon season we are currently experiencing I am thrown though. The spring sports are all cancelled. They can’t go outside because it is disgusting. So we just sit sit sit. Video games, youtube videos, movies, tv shows, a few board games scattered here and there. Fighting. Name calling. Teasing. Punching. Tattling. Crying. Lots of crying. It is really fun. It makes me eager for summer.

My 12-year-old came home with blue tape on his shoe. I guess the sole isn’t attached to the shoe anymore, so the teacher gave hime some tape. I like how I didn’t notice. I like how he didn’t tell me. I also like that I didn’t run out and buy new shoes. I was like I am gonna order you some and you will get them in like a week.

So the end of this school year around here means that shit gets done just haphazardly and on our own time. We sort of piecemeal it together and hope for the best. IMG_9890

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