You’re Welcome

For breakfast my eldest son requested cereal and two pieces of toast. So of course, I obliged. He ate the cereal and then left the toast. Um? Just moments later he opened the pantry trying to eat something different. Well, I still had that toast ready for him to eat and let him know that it would be all he was eating this morning, as he requested it specifically. He was not at all thrilled and the eye rolling and sighs began.

Another son has been wanting hard boiled eggs lately, so yesterday I prepared 6 hard boiled eggs for him. I only had him in mind. I laid the eggs in front of him and the response I received was, “ Why did you give me these?” He grumbled. He put his head on the table. He was not thrilled.

So it seemed to go all morning before school. I helped to find shoes, backpacks, and packed lunchboxes. I do this every morning. Sometimes with more or less headache involved, but today it was on the more side. They were all just done with even attempting to help. They moaned and groaned and huffed and puffed as I scurried about here and there. Finally, I was done.

I looked at all of them just sorta sitting there on the couch. I said. Hey guys, “You’re Welcome.”

They still stared on. So I told Alexa to play “You’re Welcome” (from Moana). I sang and I danced and pointed right at each of them every time it said you’re welcome.

My oldest son stood up and walked to the bus stop once I was done. The other kids where in shock, I think over how awesome my musical number was. I told them I was going to do this every time they didn’t say thank you. I don’t know how they feel about that, but I feel better already.IMG_0391

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