Disturbing Van Finds

Since school is only a few weeks away I decided I should clear our car of the summer mess. We have traveled in it, used it to get to point A to point B around town, and have let it sit out in the sun unused. It is a minivan. I really don’t venture into the back row at all. The kids in the far reaches of the van are fairly self-sufficient, so there is no need for me to crouch down low and work my way towards the nether region of the van. The middle row is the quick stash place where I toss stuff too large for the passenger seat, but may still need to be able to reach easily. The front seat area is full of receipts mostly. I like the think of it as a large purse. There are receipts from the grocery store, Wal-Greens, McDonalds, and 7-Eleven. There are various levels of empty bottles and cans. You will also find discarded jackets, sunglasses, socks, and shoes.

I started out by grabbing a few things and throwing them in the garbage or recycling and then heading back to the van. This was a little too much back and forth for me. I decided the best method would be grab handfuls of stuff and just toss it in one big pile. Almost everything in this large pile was fairly mundane: books, water bottles, sports equipment, paper, stale fries, even the old hamburgers weren’t surprising to me, but there were two things that really stood out.

1. In the third row in a cup holder hidden underneath old wrappers was something oddly colored and a little squishy. Kinda moldy looking-maybe. It was an apple. Well, it used to be an apple. Now it was on the way to being applesauce. Why not just toss it? Why cover it up with other garbage? I am guessing that smell I kept trying to Febreeze away was rotten apple.       

2. On the floor on the middle row was tooth. Y’all- whose tooth is it? How long has it been    there? Why is it in the car on the floor? So many questions!!! No one has lost a tooth in the car. No one lost a tooth on any of our vacations this summer. This must mean that someone brought this tooth into the car with them. Why? Also, why leave it in the car if you went through the trouble of bringing it with you? I am very disturbed by this.

This is just me cleaning my car. Imagine the disturbing things I would find if I actually took the time to clean my house. Probably why I rarely venture upstairs to the boys section of the house. I would have nightmares about the stuff up there. unnamed

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